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AVIRATHA, meaning ‘INCESSANT’ in Kannada, is a multifaceted Non-Governmental Organization engaged in activities of human development. A cohort of well-meaning professionals, from diverse professional backgrounds committed to equitable development of India make AVIRATHA.

Primary education is a mainstream activity of Aviratha trust.

Notebook Distribution

The annual notebook distribution drive, a unique longitudinal program has evolved as a flagship initiative of Aviratha.

Comprehensive School Development Program

s of May 2015, Aviratha has a relationship with 94 government schools...

Government school Construction, Gangavathi

Aviratha constructed a Government lower primary school in Shalinganoor village of Gangavathi taluk in Koppala district.

Aviratha Corpus Funds

We solicit generous donations from individuals, groups and corporate organization to support our programs.

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My School, My Pride/ Notebook Distribution

10 years of Aviratha


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