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A society where geographic, gender, income and socioeconomic equity drives progress in an environment of democracy and liberty

A community where native, traditional culture and art forms co-exist with contemporary culture without a majoritarian cult


As a ‘civil society organization’, AVIRATHA seeks to work with communities, societies and governments by charting and maintain sustainable programs that could  bridge equity gap in any dimension or contribute to human development in any form.


Core values

We are driven by individual values of liberty, freedom and societal values of equity and democracy. Programs and activities of AVIRATHA are structured around these values from stage of conception to implementation.


AVIRATHA provides and open platform for people to propose, plan and execute programs/activities that are in line with its vision and mission. AVIRATHA follows a participatory approach to ‘program’ design with involvement of stakeholders at every level of program/activity cycle. Also, AVIRATHA provides plat

Gender approach

AVIRATHA is a ‘gender neutral’ and ‘gender equal’ organization. However, AVIRATHA attempts to create environment for equal participation of women in the organization and all its endeavours.

Ethics and Human Rights

Aviratha being publically funded organization, intervening among very low socio-economic strata of populace, underprivileged children and situations of humanitarian crisis & conflict; often faces subtle ethical and human right challenges.

AVIRATHA has set for itself, high standards of ethics in conducting the organization and implementing programs/activities at ground level. Organizational ethics are largely guided by THE UNITED NATION UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS ( Medical programs follow code of medical ethics laid down by Medical Council of India and the Helsinki Declaration. AVIRATHA also follows high standards of ethics in management, accounting and internal auditing of finances.


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