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Primary education is a mainstream activity of Aviratha trust. We are largely involved in value addition to primary education and infrastructure development of schools. Our intervention is directed exclusively towards government schools in socio-economically and geographically backward areas of Karnataka state. Beneficiary schools are chosen based on objective needs assessment and level of community ownership. Over the years, most schools that have seen intervention by Aviratha have been a long term beneficiary of one or more of our programs thereby making our primary education activity – a longitudinal program.

As of May 2015, Aviratha has a relationship with 94 government schools in various districts of Karnataka state. These schools are beneficiaries of one or more of the following projects of Aviratha.

  1.      Annual comprehensive note book and stationary donation drive (all 94 schools)
  2.      Construction of school building
  3.      Provision of uniform to children
  4.      Provision of clean drinking water and sanitation to schools
  5.      Provision of eco-friendly, low cost desks to children (piloted from 2015)
  6.      Provision of teaching aids to schools
  7.      Career guidance program to school children
  8.      Capacity building of teachers
  9.      School garden / kitchen garden development
  10.  Establishment of computer labs (in selected high schools)
  11.  Annual comprehensive health check up with provision of primary health care
  12.  Summer camps for value added learning

With increasing experience in breadth of interventions and annual addition of beneficiary schools, Aviratha decided to direct several key interventions in cluster of schools in order to comprehensively develop infrastructure and educational value in select schools of very backward regions. Thus comprehensive school development program was initiated in 2013.

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